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Whether you are helping yourself and your loved ones by creating a comprehensive estate plan, starting a business that can create a lasting legacy, making a real estate transaction, or trying to help your community through a non-profit, there is likely to be some legal red tape involved. It can be challenging to try to handle any of these complex legal actions on your own. Working with The Livingston Law Office can greatly reduce your stress level and any demands on your time. When it comes to something this important, you will want a strong, competent legal advocate to act as your personal guide through the legal hurdles you may face.

As you work to address your legal issues, our Glenview estate planning lawyer can advise you on the best steps to take to prepare for the future, protect your assets, and make decisions about how matters related to your health and finances will be handled throughout the rest of your life and after your death. In addition to assisting with these issues, we can also provide representation during the process of probate and estate administration. Our Lake County real estate attorney can also provide legal help in home closings and commercial transactions, and we can help address variety of business law matters. To set up a free consultation, contact our Glenview law firm at 847-544-6657.

Real Estate

It is often said that buying or selling a house is the largest transaction most people will ever undertake, and this is very true. In a residential real estate closing, there is a mountain of paperwork that should be reviewed by a lawyer before you sign a thing. Real estate sales are some of the most complex transactions an individual is likely to face. From title search to deed drafting, we can make your transaction as secure as possible. Our attorney is here to help you buy and sell confidently, knowing that our team has thoroughly researched the property and evaluated your sales contracts.


Estate Planning

A thorough estate plan can be a wonderful gift to your surviving loved ones one day. Having a will can make the probate process easier for your family to navigate. With a trust, you may even be able to bypass probate entirely. Our lawyer will help you choose the right type of plan that will meet your individual and family goals. Estate planning can also help you - powers of attorney can authorize someone you trust to act on your behalf should you ever become incapacitated while preventing the need for guardianship. Estate planning lets you take care of your family's future and your own.


Probate & Trust Administration

During the estate administration process, we can serve as knowledgeable guides. Whether you are the beneficiary or the fiduciary of a will or trust, out firm will be here to support you through the necessary legal process. Probate is complex, whether you have a will or not. Trust administration can become an enormous responsibility. Both require quite a bit of effort and often, legal know-how. Should any estate contests arise, we will be prepared to fight for you in or out of court to achieve a fair result.


Business Formation

When you are ready to achieve your dream of owning a business, we are here to support you. Our business attorneys can begin helping you during business formation. If you have a partner or co-owner, one of our priorities will be drafting a clear partnership agreement to set you up for smooth sailing. Once we have you up and running, we can provide ongoing services as limited general counsel to your business or non-profit. At that stage, we can help oversee the creation of your business contracts and address any contract disputes that may arise.

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