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glenview estate planning lawyerWhen it comes to estate planning, there are a variety of tools that can be used to achieve your goals. One such tool is the spendthrift trust. A spendthrift trust allows you to set aside money or assets for a beneficiary who may not be able to manage their finances responsibly. This type of trust can provide much-needed financial protection for the beneficiary, while also allowing you to maintain some control over how the money is spent, even after your passing.

Besides, a spendthrift trust can be a valuable tool in estate planning as it ensures that your assets are not tied up in an Illinois probate court.

What Are the Requirements for Setting Up a Spendthrift Trust in Illinois?

In order to establish a spendthrift trust in Illinois, there are certain requirements that must be met. First, the trust must be created in writing, and the terms of the trust must be clear and specific. The trust must include specific language indicating that it is a spendthrift trust.


glenview estate planning lawyerA charitable trust is a trust created for the purpose of charity. The trustees of a charitable trust are typically appointed by the donor, and they are responsible for ensuring that the trust's funds are used for charitable purposes. Charitable trusts are often used to fund scholarships, hospitals, and other types of charitable organizations.

To learn more about trusts in Illinois, the Glenview trusts attorney at The Livingston Law Office can help.

The Advantages of a Charitable Trust

There are several advantages to setting up a charitable trust, including tax benefits, flexibility, and the ability to make donations anonymously.


b2ap3_thumbnail_livingston-logo.pngNo one knows when their time will come, which is why it's important to have an estate plan in place. A well-drafted estate plan can ensure your wishes are carried out after you die, but it's crucial to have a lawyer review it to avoid any disputes.

One of the most common mistakes people make when creating their own estate plans is not taking into account a few nuances. These often-overlooked errors may result in a will dispute and may result in your assets going to the people you didn’t intend. This is why it's so important to have an experienced lawyer look over your plan and make sure everything is in order.

What Are Some Common Reasons Why a Will Is Contested?

Common reasons wills are contested in Illinois include:


glenview pet trust lawyerPeople have been trusting their pets with their lives for centuries. With modernization, it is only natural that people would start trusting their pets with their money as well. - Anonymous

Pet trusts are essential for pet owners in Illinois because they provide a way to ensure that pets receive the care and attention they need when the owner passes. These trusts can be set up to provide for the care of one or more pets, as well as provide money for veterinary bills and other expenses. A trust can also help to ensure that a pet's remains are handled in a humane way if he or she dies.

Overall, the main benefit to having a pet trust is to ensure that your pet receives the care and treatment they deserve when you're no longer able to do so.

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